About us

Joinery factory "Budservice" works in the market of Ukraine since 1993.
The main area of ​​activity is wood products. Wooden interior doors, wooden windows with double-glazed windows, floor, lining and other wood products, which has always been in demand from true connoisseurs. Our products are designed to decorate the exterior of your home, and make it cozy and comfortable.
The natural tree, namely the pine tree, in the skilful hands of our masters is transformed into a finished product, which will serve you for one decade.
The advanced technologies used in production, combined with the unique nature of wood, make it possible to create technically perfect and unique products.
The process of production, built and tested over the years, which is constantly being improved, covers all stages of wood processing.
Control of the process, the use of high quality raw materials, materials and components - this is exactly what provides an attractive appearance and durability of products.
Our products are designed to make your home comfortable and add brightness to the design of your interior. We will help you to demonstrate your individuality in creating your own architectural masterpiece.