About us

  • 25 років на ринку
  • Тисячі задоволених клієнтів
  • Визнані в Німечинні, США, Франції
Натуральне дерево
  • Екологічність
  • Енергозбереження, звукоізоляція та оптимальна вологість
  • Естетичність
Повний цикл виробництва
  • Гарантія якості та довговічності
  • Індивідуальний підхід
  • Сервіс та підтримка

Our products

The main products of the Budservice are wooden windows of different styles, entrance and interroom doors, and a variety of molded products. Our company has over 25 years experience in the market and thousands of satisfied customers! Our products are recognized in Germany, Austria, France and even the USA.

Wooden windows are elite eurowindows made of high-quality glued euroburn on modern equipment and carefully scrutinized at all stages of manufacturing. Such windows will give your home a special refinement and chic. Also, our company produces wooden windows in the ancient style that will definitely attract the view and keep the true breath of your home's antiquity.

The main advantages of wooden windows are:

  • Ecology
  • Modern design
  • Functionality
  • Practicality
Also, the company Budservice launched a new bonus line Verus which embodies the highest and uncompromising quality standards!
Modern doors not only provide isolation of the premises, but also one of the main emphases of the interior. You have the opportunity to choose natural, stylish and comfortable, as well as reliable in-use entrance and interior doors for your home.
  • Respectable appearance
  • Resistance to damage
  • Variability of design
  • Prolonged exploitation
Our company also manufactures pine wood products on its own production, equipped with modern equipment, which allows to maintain constant guaranteed high quality products. Molded products made from natural wood are the inalienable elements that will give your home a complete appearance. They are easily painted and groomed, have a beautiful appearance and properties.
  • High thermal insulation
  • Noble look
  • Ease of care

For customers

Why choose us? We have a number of important and convincing advantages of our products:
All products are made exclusively of natural wood, namely pine.
Manufacturing of doors as standard sizes, and according to individual sizes of the customer.
Colored solutions
Ability to choose the color of coloring products.
Technical capabilities
Random design of doors and windows: rectangular, semicircular, triangular and others at the request of the customer.
Installation of glass, locks and handles of different manufacturers, at the request of the customer
Use of hinges, seals and paintwork materials exclusively from European manufacturers


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